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TFR Electronics

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1/30/2022 - Updated the TFR SE-88 and Sundown Artist sections.

7/3/2021 - Some PCB designs are now available on OSHpark and documentation is in my Git Repo. See the links section.

3/1/2021 - Updated the Pignose G40V and Sundown Artist sections.

1/12/2021 - Updated the TFR SE-88 project and added Infanem Driving Notion schematic.

12/16/2020 - Added the Micro Chorus v3207 adapter project, added the Sundown Artist section, and updated the Pignose G40V mods section.



TFR Electronics is the overarching name for all of my electronics related projects and interests. Be it repairs, design, professional work, or personal experimentation.  Here you can find a small portfolio of my work, projects I am working on, and a collection of information and links I find helpful.  If you need something repaired, modified, want a custom effects pedal, or custom PCB of any sort, contact me below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.