Ace Tone FM-2

  The Ace Tone FM-2 is a really cool and rare fuzz pedal made in the late 1960s by Ace Tone in Japan. It’s fairly similar in design to the standard superfuzz circuit but has a more spastic and raw sound. I designed this PCB a few years ago, and did a short run of each of two revisions. My layout follows the schematic widely available online, with the added options for two simple changes that I think really expand the pedal’s sound. The board can be wired as the original with a tone switch but is laid out for a PCB mount pot tone which allows for a wider range of tones. It also has the option for a switch to select between no clipping diodes and 2 different pairs of clipping diodes. I personally really like the pedal without clipping diodes for the extra volume and different tone.


Order a PCB from OSHpark

Clich Here for documentation